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William A. Pyke, CPA

As the founder of Pyke & Pyke, P.C., Bill has had a variety of experiences in his career providing him with the insight and ability to provide guidance to a variety of entrepreneurs. As a graduate of Southern Methodist University, Mr. Pyke has made his home and business in the City of Dallas, Texas. Starting his career as the resident manager and general partner of the Dallas office of Joseph Froggatt & Co. CPAs (now part of PriceWaterhouseCoopers), Bill gained experience in federal income taxes, SEC filings, insurance company audits and business management. While continuing his practice in public accounting in the early 1970s, he served as the Chairman of the Board and Treasurer of World Computer Corporation, a publicly held company designed to develop computerized security systems. This experience with the potential of computer systems provided Mr. Pyke with the insight to later develop software applications for the accounting business and other industries. He continued to gain experience through the ownership and development of two commercial real estate properties in North Dallas. This later led to opportunities in residential housing development and other commercial endeavors. In addition to the full-time practice of public accounting, Bill now owns Uni-Art, Inc., a distributor of products bearing the designs of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. For many accountants, their only business experience is what they gain from observing others. In addition to viewing others, Mr. Pyke has had the opportunity to experience what the clients of his CPA firm experience everyday: Developing an idea, financing a business, building a market, meeting a payroll and building wealth.